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The Sports Intern Show

Jan 4, 2021

In today's episode, we had an inspirational conversation with Roger Jones, Cleveland Browns Corporate Partnerships Director. We talked about how he decided to major in sports, the decisions that help him make his childhood dreams real, and what it takes to work in the sports industry. If you enjoyed the show, please leave us a five-star iTunes review. 


"You need to network with a purpose, (...) then, activate your network, and it'll work for you." - Roger Jones.

Roger Jones has a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management from Ohio University. His curiosity and willingness to learn led him to take courses on Business Law Sport, Operations Management, Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, and Governance of Sport. 

He has had an extensive career in the sports industry; he was Director of Sales at Maryland Sports Properties and Director of Corporate Partnerships at Georgetown Sports Properties before getting his dream job at the Cleveland Browns. 

Being a pre-med student, Roger took the Sports Management 101 class with the sole purpose of not leaving his best friend. They decided to change their majors after they discovered that a major in sports existed. That was the starting point of his thriving sports industry career. 

Roger explained what it takes to work in the sports industry, the challenges we must face, and the best way to prepare for them. For him, an interview shouldn't be something to be nervous or anxious about; a job interview is for people working at the organization you are interested to know.

Working in the sports industry equals long hours. Roger tells the students he mentors to understand the industry they're trying to get into. The sports industry is "around the clock information." 

"The reason why ESPN is so successful is that they provide 24/7 up to date, information about sports."

He offered three valuable tips for graduated students who can't get a job in the sports industry.Listen to the full episode and learn about networking with a purpose, putting your network to work for you, what it takes to get into the sports industry, the best ways of finding your niche, and much more. 

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